Malir is a dense, mixed-use area With low-income communities. It is characterized by an arterial corridor and a number of existing open spaces that are severely degraded. Sub-projects in Malir may include, inter alia: upgrading the main road, sidewalks, pedestrian crossings within existing ROW; reorganizing vehicular travel lanes to provide adequate space to pedestrians; rehabilitating/enhancing existing open spaces with shade, adequate drainage and trash collection facilities; installing street furniture, bus shelters, safety barriers, shade features and lighting; and rehabilitating underground infrastructure beneath upgraded roads. and storm water drainage where necessary

Scope of Works under Malir sub-Project;

  • Provision of Road Safety Features and traffic control devices
  • Geometric Design Improvements as per AASHTO standards for urban roads.
  • Reconstruction of the pavement structure in sections
  • Provision of pedestrian facilities, handicapped people, the elderly, women and children
  • Parking provision near commercial centers, mosques and educational institutions,
  • Provision of Parking for Private vehicles, Rickshaw / Taxi and /drop off areas.
  • Provision of LED Street Lights
  • Provision of Trash Bins at convenient locations in the corridor.
  • Improvement of existing green belt by installation of benches and planting of shady trees.
  • Landscaping of the intersections
  • Dualization scheme for the Bridge over Thado Nallah
  • Replacement of old water mains and choked sewer lines and rehabilitation of Over all Utility Network.
  • Construction of storm water drains along both sides of the carriageway for effective drainage.
  • Upgradation of street lights and major utilities network (K-Electric, SSGC, PTCL, NTC, Cable Operators on roads.
  • Installation of urban elements (Benches, Bollards, Cycle Track, Trash bins) and safety features such as universal access for people with special needs and pelican crossing.

Rehabilitation / Improvement Of Road from Saudabad Chowrangi to Thudo Nallah Bridge, Including Dualizing of Bridge, Khokhrapar, Malir (3 km road)