"Rehabilitation and Improvement of Road from Fishermen Chowrangi (old Coastguard Chowrangi) to Fishing Village (Korangi)"


This Sub-project called “Rehabilitation and improvement of Road from Fishermen Chowrangi to Ibrahim Hyderi Fishing Village (Korangi)“. Some salient information is as follows:

  • Rehabilitation of existing Roundabout as Public space, dual Carriageway, median, linear park and streets.
  • Intersection design, Street lights, bus bays
  • New construction of a well-designed single carriageway by making the slopes gentle for the vehicles to access Ibrahim Hyderi
  • Improve pedestrian safety with appropriate mid‐block crossings, junction crossings,
  • LED Lighting, road‐calming
  • Improving drainage; water supply, sewerage, & storm drainage
  • Improving mobility with well‐designed bus
  • Creating designated spaces for trash disposal

4.9 km long road has been completed under the sub-project of "Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Korangi Road 9000" from Fishermen Chowrangi to Ibrahim Hyderi Village


  • Upgrading roads, streets, sidewalks, and pedestrian crossings within existing rights-of-way (ROW)
  • Upgrading existing open spaces, installing shade features and removing barriers for visitors
  • Reorganizing traffic patterns and closing certain street segments (temporarily or permanently)
  • Installing signs, street furniture, lighting, and bus stop shelters
  • Organizing parking and installing safety barriers to reduce vehicular encroachment on sidewalks and enhance safety
  • Rehabilitating infrastructure and storm water drainage beneath roads upgraded by the project