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  • Date: 4-02-2020

Mr. Muhammad Zubair Thaheem, Project Director KNIP presided the 4th Advisory Committee Meeting on “Operation & Maintenance Sustainability Plan”. Representatives of Traffic Police, DC South, Dr Shabbar Zaidi NED University, key professionals of HMCO-the legal consultants and Earnest & Young-the financial consultants of M/s Exponent Engineers attended the meeting today held in PIU-KNIP.

The parking strategy to control chaotic traffic conditions in Saddar Downtown Area due to uncontrolled parking was under discussion. Zone 6 i.e. area enclosed by Strachan, Dir Ziauddin Ahmed, and M. R. Kyani Roads, has been selected to set a model of KNIP intervention.

The consultant team took this intervention as their top priority for preparing its operational and business model. This enabled the project being operationalized as soon as it gets completed.

The assurance of overall sustainability of the project would greatly rely on how the operations of these infrastructure facilities are structured. Hence, the meeting was fruitful to formulate the means and methods to be implemented for the successful outcome. A highly professional discussion session and detailed question answer session resulted into successful brain storming and approval of the strategy for taking it to next level of brain storm / approvals.